Anger Issues
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Anger Issues

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‘Choose a sport you love to watch,’ Maisie says.
‘Football,’ Yung answers immediately.
‘Imagine England playing against China,’ Maisie continues.
‘Who do you support?’
Yung doesn’t even have to think about it.
‘Then you are truly British,’ Maisie tells him.
‘Even when I don’t like fish and chips?’ Yung asks.
‘I guess so,’ Maisie says with a laugh.

Anger Issues is the story about Yung, a Chinese boy. Yung doesn’t feel at home at his new school in London. He gets bullied often. Thankfully, he has his friendship with the beautiful Maisie. But what happens when Maisie doesn’t think he’s cool anymore?

Reality Bites is a cutting-edge series revealing the real lives of teenagers. Each book is a thrilling story about everyday teenage struggles. 

Hardback cover.

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