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Esther is curled up on the sofa in front of the living room window. The view outside is beautiful. But Esther doesn’t pay any attention to it. She’s too busy thinking. About Joe.
Her birthday had been so romantic. They danced together to
one of her favourite pop songs. They kissed in the hallway.
Then they snuck upstairs, to her room.

16 & Pregnant is a story about Esther. On her 16th birthday, Esther gets pregnant. With Joe, the coolest boy in school. What now? Isn’t she too young to have a baby? And what will Joe think of her when he hears she’s pregnant? To try
and find the answers to all her questions, she stays with her grandmother for a few days. Maybe Grandma’s wise words will help her make the right decision.

Reality Bites is a cutting-edge series revealing the real lives
of teenagers. Each book is a thrilling story about everyday
teenage struggles.

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