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Welcome back to ReadZone! Due to corona and changes in organization, unfortunately, we have been less active on our website and blog. However, we are back and are excited to show you new projects we are working on. But first, let’s introduce ourselves again.

 ReadZone is an independent publishing company that focuses on facilitating the education of the English language to new readers, young and old and readers with a wide range of interests. From religion to science to classic literature, ReadZone offers reluctant readers books with a range of levels and genres.

To celebrate our return, we want to introduce you to two new series that will soon be part of our offer of books. These are the series on Anne Frank and the Environmental Awareness series.

 Anne Frank’s Diary gave The Holocaust a face. A young girl writes about her life in the ‘Achterhuis’, hiding with her family from the Nazis. We have three different easy to read titles written by Marian Hoefnagel, based on Anne Frank’s Diary. Research on the Anne Frank diaries and her life continues to be carried out. New editions, new pictures and updates on the research are things that you can expect from this new series to further broaden your knowledge of the life of Anne Frank. This is why we want to share these new insights with readers from all ranges of levels and ages.


Anne Frank, her life, is the first biography of Anne Frank that has been written in plain language. This biography shows the life of Anne Frank, a Jewish girl, during the Second World War before and during her time hiding in the ‘Achterhuis’. In collaboration with the Anne Frank Foundation, this new edition of the easy-to-read biography of Anne Frank contains new insights into her life in hiding during the war, new pictures in color and a new cover.




Anne Frank: In her words, is an even easier to read version of Anne Frank, her life. Like the biography, this edition talks about Anne Frank’s life in the ‘Achterhuis’, the hiding place she writes her famous diary fragments in. How did her life look like before and during the Second World War? This edition contains all the answers to your questions and contains pictures and selected fragments of her diary to satisfy you curiosity.




Even though Anne Frank was thirteen years old when she started writing in her diary, she doesn’t always use language that is easy to read. My name is Anne, is a book that is targeted at children from the age of 8 that need an easy-to-read version of The Diary of Anne Frank. In this edition a selection has been made of her diary fragments. Diary fragments in which she addresses an imaginary reader ‘Kitty’ and talks about her life during the war until the first of August in 1944 when Anne and her family get detained. Next to the selected diary fragments that have been put in a bigger font to facilitate reading, the children can also look at pictures which will immerse them even more into the story.



The second series that is soon to be published is the Environmental Awareness series, written by Lynn Huggins-Cooper. This series contains four titles: Climate Change, Deforestation, Plastics and Energy.

How can we explain climate change? Are we responsible? And what can we do to stop it? How does our Planet work? What about waste products like plastic? These are all questions that have gained greater importance over the years, which is why this knowledge needs to be shared with everyone. Lynn Huggins-Cooper, an author of many children’s books, converts difficult matters into accessible and easy-to-read books. Young and old deserve the opportunity to learn about the ways in which our Planet works to be able to think about change.


Are you interested in these series? Be sure to keep an eye out on the website and your inboxes for our newsletters as we share information on promotions, new products and sales! 

We hope to see you soon!


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