The Sun is rising. Our boat glides silently over the dark water. In the distance, I see land. The village we are about to raid comes into view. My father, our leader, stands next to me. I have never left my home before, but I am ready. I am a warrior. Soon I will do battle. But something is not right. I look at the small village on the rocky shore. A strange feeling sweeps over me. I know this place. I have been here before. But how can that be…

In Viking, a young warrior tells his story and prepares to join the men of his tribe in battle. But his family hides a terrible secret. A secret that the young Viking is about to discover.

Yesterday’s Voices gives older readers a manageable yet highly sophisticated, thought- provoking historical fiction series in the style of Right Now! Written as a first-person narrative, these page-turning reads capture real-life events in no more than 500 words. Plus each book includes a spread that gives the reader the factual background to the historical theme or event explored in the story.


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Dee Phillips

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