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‘I’m fat and clumsy, too. And I have bad eyesight’, says Kim.

‘What?’ Peter looks at her indignantly. ‘That’s not true at all!’

‘Yes it is,’ says Kim. ‘I never wear crop tops, or short skirts why do you think that is?’

 Peter looks at Kim. She’s not super skinny, but fat... No way!

‘I can’t do anything in PE. Everyone always laughs at me’, Kim continues.

Class 10B has a new teacher. He is very open with them. He talks about his fears and his sadness. He tells them he’s afraid of being bullied. The class admire their teacher's honesty. Will it make them brave enough to talk about their own feelings? Because aren’t they all afraid of being bullied?

Reality Bites is a cutting-edge series revealing the real lives of teenagers. Each book is a thrilling story about everyday teenage struggles. 

Hardback cover.

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