Resistance Fighter

Nearly 70 years have passed, and yet I still remember it all as if it was yesterday. The cold, black night around me as I floated from the plane. Down, down into the forest. Waiting for the men from the village to find me. Terrified the soldiers would find me first. The days of hiding. Pretending I was someone I was not. All the time waiting for the day when I would carry out my mission….

During World War II, thousands of resistance fighters risked their lives to fight a secret war in Europe. In Resistance Fighter, one woman tells her story.

Yesterday’s Voices gives older readers a manageable yet highly sophisticated, thought- provoking historical fiction series in the style of Right Now! Written as a first-person narrative, these page-turning reads capture real-life events in no more than 500 words. Plus each book includes a spread that gives the reader the factual background to the historical theme or event explored in the story.


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Yesterday’s Voices








Dee Phillips

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