Inside Timeliners

Key features that make these historical adventures easy to read

"The accompanying factfiles and other historical information make this a perfect book for any student learning about World War II. This series is really excellent, with its combination of fact and fiction to inform and entertain." Sarah reviewer for Parents in Touch.

Contents page overview

Each Timeliners title starts with a contents which gives the reader a brief overview of what will happen in each chapter. This is very useful for reluctant or struggling readers  as Sarah from Parents in Touch points out in her review:

"I like the fact that the contents page gives a summary of the chapter. This will be a good aid for reluctant readers, as they can refresh their memory on what has happened when they come back to continue reading."


The historical background to each book is then explained in short simple sentences.


As you would expect there is also a timeline which allows readers to get a clear overview of all events and can be flicked back to throughout the book.

At the end of the book this section allows the reader to learn about historical sources and the role that research and artefacts play in informing our historical knowledge.

New Timeliners titles in print

ReadZone Books author Stewart Ross brings us two new easy to read historical titles. In consultation with teachers and filling gaps in the new history curriculum these exciting new titles will bring the past to readers of all abilities.

Long Live Mary, Queen of Scots! tells how the queen is stripped of her crown, separated from her baby and imprisoned in a black island castle. There, aided only by her legendary charm, she plans her dramatic escape.

What If the Bomb Goes Off? tells the story of the Coventry Blitz. While out hunting for German spies, Bill and his brother find an unexploded bomb. When his friends refuse to believe them, Bill takes his brother on a dangerous quest to prove that the bomb is real…. But what if the bomb goes off?


New Fiction Express titles in print

6 more titles are transformed from interactive e-books to print versions. Read on and click the links below for more information.

Dad wants to buy the rundown house on Strange Street, but Joel and Zoe aren’t so sure. The garden
is overgrown, the paint is flaking off the windows,and the roof leaks. Inside, the place is very dusty, creepy and spooky. It’s full of weird noises and creaking floorboards, and… what was that? A shadow? Or was it some kind of scary creature...? Should the family risk it and buy the house?

Set in one of the dark satanic mills of Victorian northern England, Threads tells the tale of two young friends— Charlie (a weaver) and Clara (the mill owner's daughter). Will they find out who is sabotaging the mill in time to save it? An exciting story of an unlikely friendship with rich historical details woven into the fast-moving plot.

With the all-important Rock Academy Jam Sandwich competition just a few weeks off, rock band Go Girlz is among the favourites to win. But then their star drummer quits, and none of the replacements seems to fit the bill, until a quite unexpected candidate turns up. Will Ella, Ivy and Yasmin find a new drummer in time, and how will it affect their chances in the contest?

Snaffles the Cat Burglar is back - and this time he has a fishy mystery to solve. All over the globe fish are attacking people. From sardines to sharks, no one is safe  not even the world’s greatest cat burglar. Can Snaffles and his dozy bulldog sidekick discover who is transforming Earth’s friendly fish into furious freaks? And why are all eyes on the Moon?

The Time Detectives, Joe and Maya, are exploring a ruined castle in Scotland when they uncover the story of a stolen chalice and a curse that led to the castle's downfall 750 years ago. Journeying back to the 13th century, they embark on a search for the chalice, hoping to restore the castle's fortunes. Will they succeed?


Orphan refugee, Faly, has a dark and troubled past. When she is adopted into a new family, she finds it hard to adjust. So does Jake, whose life of show-jumping and caring for his horse, Thunder, is suddenly interrupted by a new sister that he never asked for- a sister who won’t even speak to him. Faly has survived more than Jake can possibly imagine. Now she has a second chance at life. If only she could tell him...

Feedback from Timeliners Tour


The recent tour of ReadZone's historical Timeliners series has been a great success. But don't just take it from us, here are some quotes from teachers, parents and pupils:

"Emily loved your book about the Second World War and had finished it long before she went to bed on Monday - I'm going to borrow it this weekend! "

"You were a huge hit at All Saints with both the pupils and the teachers."

"This is just a quick note to express my gratitude for Stewart’s visit today. I’ve had superb reviews from the children and staff that attended his workshop."

"I’m very much looking forward to passing on the books we bought for the children – I’m sure they’ll love them."

" son was very happy that he got a signed book and he was very keen to read it tonight... He might be a bit young for it, but he is very determined, so I will have to help him read it soon!"

"It would be great to have you back, this time for all the year groups! The feed back I received was that children enjoyed themselves greatly."

Email if you would like Stewart Ross to visit your school.



Stewart Ross has created a real buzz at the start of the summer term in Primary Schools across the South East of England with his Timeliners tour.

Pupils have loved learning about key periods of history through this gripping series.

Stewart has led whole school assemblies and smaller class workshops which have brought history to life for pupils.

The tour has been timed in coincide with the release of 3 brand new Timeliner tiles.

Walter Giffard of Normandy is a proud and ambitious knight. He longs to get his hands on the rich green fields of Buckinghamshire. So when William Duke of Normandy asks for help to conquer England, Walter hurries to his lord’s side. But if William wants the English crown, he’s going to have to fight for it…


The mighty Qin Shi Huang calls himself China’s ‘First Emperor’. Even when he orders books to be burned, no one dares resist him. No one?  Wei, a young girl at the Emperor’s court, is not so sure. Why does her father want his servants to be muscle-men? And what is that strange thing he has ordered his blacksmith to make?

Now Alfred the Great is dead, who will lead the Anglo-Saxons in their struggle against the Danes? The obvious choice is Edward, the new King of Wessex. But Edward’s sister, the Lady of the Mercians, is just as powerful, just as wise. Now she must choose which comes first, defeating the Danes or holding the family together…

Follow the link to find out more about this very popular series:

Fiction Express

We have just published two more titles from the online interactive e-book platform Fiction Express.


Emery the Explorer: A Jungle Adventure by Louise John. Reading age 6+, interest level 6+.

When the postman delivers half of a mysterious treasure map through Emery's letterbox, the young explorer knows that a new adventure is about to begin. The trail leads him and his pet monkey, Spider, deep into the steamy Amazon jungle.

Can Emery survive the dangers of the rain forest? Will he succeed in finding the treasure before Dex D Saster, his biggest rival, or will his jungle adventure end in failure?

C.O.R.G.I and the Pursuit of the Prince's Pants by Ian Billings. Reading age 8+, interest level 8+.

An unassuming dog kennel on top of Buckingham Palace is home to C.O.R.G.I.—by day, simply pets yapping at Her Majesty’s heels, but by night, a keen-eyed, wet-nosed pack of highly trained canine agents. Each member a specialist in his or her field (or alley), the team utilises state-of-the-art squeaky bones and high-tech pooper-scoopers to defend the Crown.

When Prince Cedric the 29th of the Royal Household of Utter Phalia discovers his Ceremonial Pants missing while visiting Buckingham Palace, a major international incident has to be averted. But who can help? A ransom note arrives in the Royal Mail beginning with the words, ‘If you ever want to see your pants again...’. It’s time to whistle for help. It’s time to unleash C.O.R.G.I.!

Follow the link to find more titles in the Fiction Express series:

We will be publishing many more Fiction Express titles this year.

  World Tales


A brand new series from ReadZone Books is out now.

For the first time easy to read versions of the Anansi and Hodja tales have been published.

£6.99 each, reading age 8+


The story of Anansi the Spider originates from the Ashanti people of Ghana and is one of the best known of the tales they took with them when they were taken captive during the slave trade. In the Caribbean Anansi is often celebrated as a symbol of slave resistance and survival.

Anansi is a rogue, a mischief-maker, and a wise but lovable creature who triumphs over larger foes. Anansi tales come from an exclusively oral tradition, and Anansi himself is portrayed as a wise and skilled teller of tales.

Nasreddin Hodja is Turkey’s, and perhaps Islam’s, best-known trickster. His legendary wit and droll trickery are said to be based on the exploits and words of a 13th century Imam. More than 350 anecdotes have been attributed to him.

Nasreddin Hodja stories were traditionally spread by word of mouth. Today, these stories are told over a vast geographic area extending from East Turkmenistan to Hungary and from southern Siberia to North Africa and have been translated into many languages. This title contains a selection of his best-known stories, including tales about how Hodja deals with his wife’s hot soup, a thirsty village, and a thief in the night

Author Visit to Qatar

ReadZone author Alan Durant has just returned from visiting 5 international schools in Qatar including Awsaj Academy, a special school in Doha.


Alan also took some copies of his brilliant ReadZone football series to Qatar, click the link below to read more about his Bad Boyz series:

Alan is off to visit schools in Abu Dhabi at the end of January and we look forward seeing more photos.

He is also running a Guardian Masterclass on picture book writing in February

This year is also the 10th Anniversary of Alan’s popular Writing for Children course, held in as always France.

Follow the link below to see Alan's titles in our Reading Path Series.


Author Visit to School


ReadZone Books and Fiction Express author Alex Woolf recently visited pupils at Welldon Park Primary. He took along some signed copies of his books published by ReadZone books too. If you are interested in a visit from a ReadZone Books author at your School then email


Brand new books out November 2015

5 more titles from Fiction Express


5 more books from our friends at the interactive e-book company Fiction Express.

  • Gripping short chapters perfect for reluctant readers
  • Key plot points voted on by pupils
  • Wide range of genres

Terrific new titles in Timeliners series


 3 more titles in the ever popular Timeliners series. 

Travel back to the scorching sun of Ancient Egypt, try to keep your head around Henry the 8th and experience evacuation in World War II.

  • character gallery
  • the story so far introduction section
  • timeline to help pupils place events
  • glossary of key words

Fan mail!

ReadZone Books/Fiction Express author Sharon Gosling received this letter from a

young fan of her circus adventure set in France Remy Brunel and the Circus Horse.


Click the link below to view other books in the Fiction Express series.

We are proud to say that our Reading Path has now taken flight!

5 stages with 12 books in each stage. Bright, colourful and wide ranging books to help readers from their first steps to simple chapter books.

Read below to find out more and click on the link to order now.


Robins Level 1    

  • stories don’t exceed 50 words
  • ideal for first readers
  • range of genres to (humorous stories, fantasy stories, rhyming stories and stories from a range of cultures)
  • bright, colour pictures, which will reassure the most reluctant of readers and help develop visual literacy skills.

Redstarts Level 2      

  • humour combined with rhyme to actively engage emergent readers
  • repetition allows children the opportunity to predict
  • lively illustrations support the text and help to fire the imagination

Magpies Level 3         

  • stories using high frequency words, repetition and rich language
  • stories with familiar settings, traditional tales, tales from other cultures, humour and fantasy

  • language, content and illustrations offer a stimulating experience for the new reader

Swifts Level 4     

  • short (no longer than 500 words), colour illustrated fiction for newly independent readers

  • range of genres, from humour to adventure, and from mystery to fantasy

  • very new readers might tackle a chapter at a time, while more independent readers would be happy to read a complete story in one sitting

Skylarks Level 5                 

  • fiction books, divided by chapters, which cover a wide range of genres from adventure, humour and fairy tale to fantasy, mystery and science fiction
  • approximately 2,000 words, broken into 7 or 8 chapters
  • illustrated in full colour with a range of artwork styles
  • takes young independent readers into ‘real books’.

5 more Fiction Express titles from e-book to print book


We are delighted to be continuing our relationship with online e-fiction publisher Fiction Express. This year we will be bringing you many more print versions of their short, gripping e-books across a range of genres. The plot of each story has been decided on by children-they voted for what happened in each chapter.

So whether you enjoyed these online the first time and can’t wait to dive in again or are brand new and looking for fast paced stories with cliff hanging chapters- Fiction Express is for you!

4 new Thriller Shots titles out now

Looking for a short thrilling read? Fed up of normal teenage fiction? Then Thriller Shots are for you!

With gripping story lines but a short word count (aprox 1,500 words) these books are perfect for reluctant teenage readers.

Covering diverse real life topics such as stabbings, kidnap, smuggling and robbery these books hook the reader from page one.


New titles to help teach the primary history curriculum


This summer we are launching our new historical fiction series Timeliners with three exciting titles about key events in Greek, Roman and Viking times. Each story is a combination of real events and a fast paced fictional narrative, divided into short chapters to encourage independent reading.

More titles in this fantastic series will be published throughout 2015 covering  the second World War, Ancient Egypt and many more historical periods.

Carving the Sea Path School Author Visit
Here are some photos of Kathryn White's author visit to Brookside School in Somerset.

Kathryn visited the school in July just before the pupils finished for summer and took along her newly published ReadZone book Carving the Sea Path

This exciting story of an Arctic friendship is one of many titles in our Reading Path series, which is a graded reading scheme starting with Robins which have 50 words and building up to short chapter books of around 2000 words called Skylarks.



Calling all Super Sleuths! Easy-to-read Sherlock Holmes


ReadZone Books brings the mysterious and gripping world of Sherlock Holmes to a whole new audience. Sherlock Holmes is now on the brand new recommended reading list for GSCE English Literature, the teaching of which will start in 2015 and is to be examined in 2017.

The classic detective stories we present you are The Sign of Four (a brand new addition to the GCSE English Literature reading list), The Man with the Twisted Lip and The Speckled Band.

The stories were originally written by Arthur Conan Doyle, and have been re-written by Helene Bakker in easy to access, clear modern English, while still maintaining their gripping plotlines. Readers who find the original text challenging will now be able to delve into the dark world of Sherlock Holmes with ease.

The books have up to 64 pages and are priced at £6.99, aimed at pupils with a reading age of 12 years and higher.

Brand new gripping teenage fiction - Three more titles in Crossroads series

This month we are launching 3 new titles in our popular Crossroads series. These graphic novels are based on issues and events many teenagers experience who grow up in our society today.

Each book tackles a range of different issues from love and friendship to jobs and careers. The stories are told in the first person and they are accompanied by high impact graphics.

The books all have 48 pages and although the content is an excellent fit for hi-lo readers. The reading age is 11 years and the interest age is aimed at 15-18 year olds.

Fantastic Fiction Express

We are pleased to be working again with our friends from the interactive e-book website Fiction Express. Fiction Express offers exciting, brand new and unique fiction. Every week pupils read a chapter online which comes to a riveting conclusion, the pupils then have voting options for what happens in the next chapter. The winning vote is where the story goes next.

ReadZone Books publishes the Fiction Express titles in print for you all to enjoy. Here are the first two to start you off! A sinister story and a comic caper -- many more to follow throughout the year.



Tulip Books

ReadZone Books is excited to announce two new books to be published soon from our Tulip Books range. Moonwalk and Ice Race by Sean Callery will excite reluctant readers as they are based on real life topics with a high interest level. The text is published in a large and easy to read format with stunning photographs to accompany these stories. 

Moonwalk by Sean Callery and Emil Dacanay. What is the loudest man-made noise? Why do astronauts hop about on the moon?  How did a boy help the first moon landing? Find out the answers to these and many other questions by reading the diary of Jay, a young boy whose father is a space scientist. When the first men fly to the moon, Jay is allowed inside the Space Centre for a close-up view.  His diary tells the story of that exciting week, from scary moments when things nearly go wrong to the historic moon landing and splashdown back on earth.

Ice Race by Sean Callery. What is a musher? Why do sled dogs wear bootees? How do you bring a fast-running sled to a halt on slippery ice? Once a year teams of sled dogs compete in a 1000-mile race.  They cross mountains, rivers, forests, and the frozen wastes of Alaska, urged on by their mushers for a week or more of ice, snow storms and bitter cold. One dog is determined his team will win a prize – Ice Race tells their story, and goes behind the scenes of sled racing.

Change of distributing centre

Within the next few weeks, ReadZone Books will move to a new distributing centre, “Orca”. This will allow us to digitally view our stock and will also enable us to send webshop orders directly from the distributing centre.


ReadZone Books on the move

This Autumn sees a new chapter in the life of ReadZone books begin. Our office has now moved to the beautiful market town of Ludlow in leafy Shropshire. We have a small but dedicated team working on new and exciting titles for all abilities fluent or reluctant readers from 3 to 23.

Click on the ABOUT US section to read more about the ReadZone team.





New Fiction Express Titles



ReadZone is very excited to announce 2 new titles, to be published in April 2015, from our good friends at Fiction Express. ReadZone is delighted to continue the close working relationship with this award winning online Literacy resource, where the pupils vote to decide the course of the story.

This November the website will publish 5 weekly chapters and then in April 2015 you will be able to purchase the books in paperback form from ReadZone.

Rise of the Rabbits by Barry Hutchison tells the tale of Mr Lugs the school pet rabbit who mutates and then, with his bunny pals, decides to take over the world! This story is suitable for a reading age of 8+

My Cousin Faustina by Bea Davenport is a mysterious story of golden boy Jez, whose life starts to unravel after the arrival of his odd cousin, who seems to have a controlling power over everyone around him. This story is suitable for a reading age of 10+

Exciting news from ReadZone Books

We are pleased to present our newest publication of easy to read high interest books: Yesterdays Voices.

We have added 6 new titles to this highly successful historical fiction series.


Vietnam- The story of a Marine (978-1-78322-513-2)

A dream of America- The Story of an Immigrant (978-1-78322-516-3)

Viking- The Story of a Raider (978-1-78322-517-0)

Pirate- The Story of a Buccaneer (978-1-78322-514-9)

Resistance Fighter- The Story of a secret war (978-1-78322-515-6)

Samurai- The Story of a Warrior (978-1-78322-518-7)

These easy to read historical tales provide a thought provoking and gripping insight into some of Histories biggest event. The stories are told in first person accounts, so it is as if you are really on the deck of a Pirate ship or creeping through the night on a Viking raid.

The layout of the books is an eye catching mix of colour photographs with a graphic overlay and ancient paper backgrounds.

As with all ReadZone books we aim to make our texts accessible to wide audience- the interest level is aimed at Key Stage 3 but the reading age is 7/8 years.

Each book is priced at £6.99 



FICTION EXPRESS: Fantastic Fiction from famous authors

We are delighted to announce that ReadZone is the official publisher of the Fiction Express books. Fiction Express is an original platform for publishing children’s fiction, as it allows readers to determine the course of the plot, in real time, while the stories are being written. 


The fast-paced, exciting stories are written by well-known authors:

Remy Brunel and the Circus Horse - Sharon Gosling, best-selling author of The Diamond Thief
Drama Club - Marie-Louise Jensen, top teen author of major successes such as Smugglers Kiss
School For Supervillains - Louie Stowell, accomplished picture book and young fiction author for Usborne
Disappearance of Danny Doyle and Mystery of Maddie Musgrove - Alex Woolf, hugely popular creator of Aldo Moon and the Chronosphere series.

We are excited to publish such a well-known schools brand and winner of the 2014 Innovation Award for education resources. Working together with Fiction Express cements our commitment to increasing literacy and reading for pleasure.

Read more about the books in the Fiction Express series

Find out more about Fiction Express in Schools



Delighted that ReadZone Books has been chosen to be the MMS Publisher of the Month especially as it's such a special month for us with our eagerly awaited new titles Yesterday's Voices by Dee Phillips becoming available. This series for reluctant readers was developed with the help of consultant Lorraine Petersen, Chief Executive of NASEN. Powerful illustrations provide pace and drama, and help to fill in the historical context.  There are six titles in this series aimed at KS3/S1+ (reading age 7-8 years):

  1. Holocaust - The Story of a Survivor (ISBN: 9781783220076)
  2. Runaway - The Story of a Slave (ISBN: 9781783220083)
  3. Over The Top - The Story of a Soldier (ISBN: 9781783220069)
  4. Titanic - The Story of a Disaster (ISBN: 9781783220106)
  5. Gladiator - The Story of a Fighter (ISBN: 9781783220090)
  6. Tail Gunner - The Story of a Bombing Raid (ISBN: 9781783220113)

These books are now available and the eBook version will also be available this month.  The eBook price matches the book at £5.99.  The CD-ROM is £69.99 + VAT (includes 6 titles, 48pp each in PDF and ePub formats, with school and home use licences) CD-ROM ISBN 9781783220427

For further information please email




Top 10 ReadZone Books

  1. Anne Frank (ISBN: 9781783220045)
  2. Joyride from the Right Now series (ISBN: 9781783220007)
  3. Blast from the Right Now series (ISBN: 9781783220014)
  4. Goal from the Right Now series (ISBN: 9781783220038)
  5. Fight from the Right Now series (ISBN: 9780237539559)
  6. Scout from the Right Now series (ISBN: 9781783220489)
  7. Untouchable - an Adult Easy Read (ISBN: 9781783220052)
  8. Frankenstein from Express Classics (ISBN: 9780237541057)
  9. Dracula from Express Classics (ISBN: 9780237541088)
  10. Treasure Island from Express Classics (ISBN: 9780237540852)

Coming in October 2013: Yesterday's Voices. Written by Dee Phillips, and developed with Lorraine Petersen of nasen, they are a new series that gives older hi-lo readers manageable, yet highly sophisticated, thought-provoking historical fiction.



Enjoy watching this trailer for Untouchable 

Find out more about the book


Visit us at nasen Live 2013

From Wednesday 22 - Thursday 23 May we will be in Bolton for nasen Live 2013, the premier SEN conference in the North of England. Visit us at stand B9 and see a selection of our books, pick up a catalogue and meet the team. All books on our stand are available to purchase with special show offers and discounts - we'll look forward to seeing you there.



To coincide with the launch of ReadZone Books we are publishing the highly acclaimed Untouchable, by Philippe Pozzo di Borgo, in an easy-to-read version for new adults.

Following on from the hugely successful film, this funny and moving book tells the story of French aristocrat, Philippe, who was left paralysed following a paragliding accident, and his unlikely relationship with Abdel, an unemployed Algerian immigrant.

Find out more and buy online > 


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