Stars and Galaxies
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Stars and Galaxies

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This series looks at the amazing world of space and space travel. We examine our close neighbours in space, and also the outer planets and beyond. The books will be illustrated with fantastic NASA photographs and artist’s impressions.


In Stars and Galaxies we delve into deep space to look at the billions of stars and galaxies that make up our universe. Starting with our own star, the Sun, we examine what starts are and why they shine. We look at the constellations and our own galaxy, the Milyway before venturing further afield to look at distant parts of the universe. Lastly, we look at how stars are born and why they die.  Amazing Fact boxes contain interesting snippets of information about the Stars and Galaxies.

Age 8+
ISBN 9781783881208
Format Paperback
Author Paul Humphrey 

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