Islamic Stories
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Islamic Stories

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The collection of stories in this book comes from Islam. Islam is the religion followed by Muslims. They believe in one God, whom they call Allah. They follow Allah’s guidance throughout their lives. Islam began in the 7th century CE in the country we now call Saudi Arabia in the Middle East. A man called Muhammad was chosen by Allah to receive his message for the world. He was the last of all the prophets of Islam. The messages were later collected together to make the Qur’an, the Muslim holy book. Allah did not speak to Muhammad directly. His messenger was an angel called Jibril. In this book, you can read some of the stories which show how Allah gave His message to the world through His angels and prophets.

The collections of stories in the Storyteller series introduce young readers to some of the most significant beliefs, values and traditions in the world’s six main faiths.










Anita Ganeri

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