The Last Bus
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The Last Bus

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Daniel is celebrating with his football team. He’s having a great time, but he has to take the last bus home. His friend Joe is too busy dancing with a girl so Daniel has to take the bus on his own. He’s so tired that he falls asleep and is woken by the driver who finds him when the bus reaches the garage.

How will he get home now? There are no more buses tonight so I’ll have to hitch a ride, thought Daniel. Luckily a driver offers him a lift and, as they pass a bus stop on the way, who should be sitting there, shivering in the cold, but his friend Joe!

Crossroads is a fast-moving series of graphic novels. Based on real-life events, each title contains colourful high-impact graphics and cutting-edge design.

Ideal for readers who may find traditional teen novels too daunting.

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Mirjam Eppinga

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